Digital DIY Ninjas

We help you do more for less


Our team will take your business to a higher level


Not sure how to grow your business online or otherwise, we can help through identifying your long term goals and assessing the best way to get there.


No matter what business your in we can help assess your branding, your consistency and if there's any scope for improvement we will help you with that to.


Finding out what works best for you at any budget is our forte, we will find out your use case and help you build sites that your customers will love.


Building your future together

Whether you're just starting up or need to increase your digital presence, we can establish the best route together and come up with the best way forward for your business.

How far have you planned ahead, when it comes to digital presence have you considered email lists for advanced marketing or will allowing for affiliate sales by useful for your business. We can help assess all this for you early on so that your not constantly needing to swap and change systems but instead only using the ones that are right for you, helping you save time and money in the long run.

Extended Research based on current & future needs
Research Backed strategies to boost your businesses potential
Helping you get into the digital world


Creating a brand is hard to do alone

We will work with you on branding to make sure consistency is key, so that no matter where a customer sees your brand it all says the same thing about you company. Facebook, your site, business cards, emails and much more should all carry the same message as not only is it more consistent but more trustworthy due to the level of care shown by you and your company.

We can help improve this consistency by creating templates for all your current and future business activities, so that no matter if its an invoice or a Facebook cover it all helps establish a strong relationship between you and your customers.

Identifying what you need before you need it
Keeping you brand on message
Establishing/Improving trust


Setting your company up

We will help by building and educating you on the best ways to accomplishing anything you need on a budget, from creating sites that don't break the bank to setting up viral campaigns that make your business a buzz with customers old and new.

Have you ever thought about automating customer reviews and using them to get more customers, we can help set up this and many other innovative solutions to help you cater to customers and your business.

Viral Campaigns
Increasing trustworthy reviews
Easing business automation

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